Accessible programs and information about accessible software(s)
Home buying Resources - Guide to home buying for those with disablities
US Department of Education
- This site offers information on all aspects of Education, the Public Vocational Rehabilitation Program and Services, program grants and funding opportunities, student financial assistance, and job opportunities in the Federal Workforce, and much more.

Senior Citizen Resources and Links Seniors get the information you need and want through the Internet.
Federal Legislation & News Find, read, print up bills, read the Congressional Record, and also obtain information on your Senators and Congressional Representatives. 
New Jersey Legislative matters Look up bills to read, print, and check on their status; read the New Jersey Register; find out who your State Senator and/or Assembly person is; and all other legislative matters for Advocacy in New Jersey. 
Ticket to Work Program/Social Security You want to go back to work - you need the latest information on this program and the legislation, regulations, or rules this is the place to check out first. It is all here. 
The Best list of Non-Profit organizations This is a Global listing of Organizations and Associations that provide a wide array of services, including professional services for Non-Profits. 
THE LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL A great organization doing great work, especially on the behalf of the Blind and Visually Impaired 

 American Foundation for the Blind - An organization dedicated to serving the Blind and Visually Impaired and to bringing awareness of issues of the blind to the general public. 

NJ STATE LIBRARY FOR THE BLIND AND HANDICAPPED - The library offers many wonderful services for the blind and the handicapped. 

SHARE THE TECHNOLOGY An organization that connects computer donors with non-profit organizations offering to help those in need. 

VOLUNTEER MATCH This site lists hundreds of individuals, groups, and organizations that are either looking for or to volunteer their services 

EMPLOYMENT FOR THE BLIND This site tells what the NJCBVI (NJ Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired) has to offer in Vocational Rehabilitation.

PREVENTING BLINDNESS The only statewide organization dedicated to the prevention of blindness. 

THE MILLENNIUM ODD COUPLE A pair of blind men dedicated to bringing awareness of the blind to youngsters, and motivating the blind to help themselves.
Accessible programs and information about accessible software(s)
Housing & Mortgages for People with Disablities  a comprehensive guide to housing and mortgages for
people with disabilities. It covers terminology, the process
of buying a house, financial assistance and more
Refinance and mortgages guide for people with disablities
A Guide for people with disablities for refinancing and mortgages